Tips to Stay Hydrated in the Heat

The sweltering summer heat hasn’t shown any signs of letting up shortly, which means it’s important you know how to protect yourself. High temperatures will very quickly lead to heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration. Staying hydrated in the heat is especially tricky for people who work or play sports outside. Luckily, we have some simple tips that will make staying hydrated this summer easier than you ever thought possible!

Drinking Before You Feel Thirsty

During the hot summer months, you should be drinking water before you feel thirsty. Once you feel hungry, dehydration has already started. Aim to drink a cup of water every 15 minutes while you’re working or playing outside in the heat.

Stick to Water

Many people think they need to drink sports drinks to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat, but that’s a myth. Plain water is the best way to rehydrate and replace water and electrolytes in your body. Sports drinks contain unnecessary sugar that can dehydrate you further. Stick to regular water combined with healthy snacks and meals throughout the day.

Unique Water Sources

The foods you eat will play a vital role in how hydrated you are this summer. The more fruits and veggies you can eat, the better! Fruits and vegetables are loaded with water that will help keep you hydrated along with the water you drink. You can also use wet cotton clothing and towels to help relieve the heat and slow the flow of sweat. Fans and water misters are some other options for cooling and water sources that will lower your risk of dehydration.

Pay Attention to Your Urine

Urine is one of the best indicators for dehydration. A healthy, hydrated person will have a pale-yellow color to their urine with little to no odor. If you notice your urine has a dark yellow color or strong odor, it’s a sure sign of dehydration. When you see signs of dehydration, you should be drinking water slowly and steadily rather than gulping down large amounts at once. Remember, it’s much easier to stay hydrated than it is to recover from dehydration!
Hot summer temperatures can potentially be hazardous, but they don’t have to be. Find shade and air conditioning whenever you can to cool off and stop sweating. If you notice signs of severe dehydration or heat stroke, you may require hospitalization to rehydrate.


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