Tick Season Has Officially Arrived, Folks

tick seasonTick season is upon us. There are many ways we can attract ticks, and working outside is one of them. If you have ever done landscaping or been hiking through the woods, chances are, you’ve had an encounter with one. You would think that they might not be that harmful, but diseases such as lime disease can spread, which can be a lifelong condition.

Ticks are found in areas with long grass and look for dark areas on the human body to cling to. No one wants their blood to be extracted from them, which is why there are ways to prevent ticks from clinging to your skin. Even though it could be a hot day outside, if you know you are going to be walking in long grass, it is important to wear pants rather than shorts. This is because ticks cannot get onto human skin from their clothes.

Ticks are extremely small and can be easily unnoticed by the naked eye, which is why they are so attracted to dark areas. Anyone could ignore a hidden tick on their skin and find out they have one because of health reasons and not site. This is a problem because the disease will already have taken its course on your body. As kids, our parents always told us to watch out for ticks and always check for them and we dismissed it like it was nothing, but It is more serious than that.

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