Three Easy Ways to Fight Germs

Cold and flu season is nearing that dangerous time of year where it seems as if everyone is getting sick. There are a lot of ways to fight being sick, but many don’t remember them, let alone take advantage of small ways to help stay healthy. As the temperature drops, your immune system becomes vulnerable to the number of ways that germs can start to eat at your defenses, leading to sickness, days off work, and even possibly a sick family member or two. Here are three easy ways to fight germs this season. Using one, or all three, might just keep you healthy and thriving in the fall and winter.

Three Tips for Fighting the Germs

There are several ways to fight germs, but these are the best ways to try to avoid getting sick if possible.

Stay Away

Let’s start with the off chance that you are already sick. Of course, you didn’t plan on getting sick, nor did you want to be. You might be so frustrated that you just want to act like everything is beautiful, and go about your regular routine. Don’t. It’s dangerous to coworkers and family members to be moving around as if nothing is wrong. Stay home from work, and at home, keep yourself in one room so others might get away without catching what you’re going through. Keep this in mind, especially for young children and older adults. 

Keep Personal Items Clean

Things like the workplace and public spaces can be a hotbed for germs. A keyboard at work, the phone at the office, or even something like a public library is a sickness haven waiting to get into your system. Make sure to disinfect your things, especially your phone. Cell phones are the dirtiest item in most people’s ownership. 

Get a Flu Shot

Common colds are natural to fend off in a few days. The flu, on the other hand, can be a significant letdown for you and your responsibilities. In fact, a flu shot is the fastest way to defend yourself against the season’s most dangerous illnesses that might be floating through the air.

Make the Most of These Tips

Use these tips all flu and cold season long to avoid getting sick as best as possible. It’s not foolproof, but there is a good chance you might get away without a cold this season if you keep yourself prepared and defended against all germs try to do. 


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