There’s Still Time to Get a Flu Shot!

We have just entered peak flu season, meaning now more than ever, people are catching the flu. While flu season officially lasts from October to May, certain years last longer than others. While it’s too early to judge how long this current flu season will last, it’s important to get vaccinated regardless of how late it is in the season. The Center for Disease Control reports that approximately 20% of Americans will contract the flu at some point during a given flu season. The CDC goes on to estimate that the flu vaccine helps prevent 67,000 people each year from needing to go to the hospital. This translates to an estimated 1.9 million infections prevented thanks to the vaccine.

While the common cold and influenza are similar in many ways, they differ in regards to the severity of their symptoms. Both are respiratory illnesses, however, people can easily go about their daily routine if they have a cold. People suffering from the flu, on the other hand, will be considerably hindered and are advised to refrain from any activities that may put them in contact with other people. Influenza will typically induce symptoms that include frequent coughing, long-lasting headaches, fatigue, soreness, and in some cases, even nausea and vomiting.

The flu spreads incredibly easy, as even touching an object that has come in contact with a person who has the flu could infect you. Coughing and sneezing are the two most common ways people catch the flu, though. If somebody with the flu coughs or sneezes, anybody within six feet of them is at risk. This allows the flu to spread rapidly throughout an office or school at an alarming rate. This may put classrooms weeks behind in their lesson plans or even cause businesses to lose thousands of dollars in productivity.

Head over to AFC Urgent Care North Andover today to get your flu shot. Remember – it takes two weeks before the shot becomes effective, so the sooner the better! Walk into our facility any day of the week and we promise to administer your flu in a timely manner. Call us at 978-470-0800 for more information!


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