The Thompson Fun Run and Field Day Events Were a Success!

goodies at the Fun Run
Last week, the team at AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Methuen took a trip down memory line by sponsoring the Pvt. Albert E. Thompson Elementary School Fun Run on June 1st. We then returned to Thompson Elementary on Friday, June 3rd to help out at their annual Field Day, which celebrates the conclusion of another successful school year.
As the sole sponsor of the Fun Run, we had the honor of spending the day with the fantastic students and staff at Thompson Elementary School. We handed out a number of goodies to the students, including water bottles to make sure all the students were properly hydrated. The Fun Run itself is a friendly race, which pits runners from each grade against each other to compete for the top spot thompson elemntary school field dayand prizes. The event also included a bunch of fun activities, snacks, and awards, making it an excellent time for everyone.
Two days later, Thompson Elementary School hosted their annual Field Day. We at AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Methuen donated over 500 water bottles to help combat against dehydration. The Field Day served as a perfect sendoff to all the students at Thompson Elementary School soon going off on their summer recess.
With summer quickly approaching, it’s important to remember to apply sunscreen and bug repellent whenever you’re outside. Even if the sun’s not out, there are still UV rays that can cause sunburns. Furthermore, try to avoid high grass, or to at least wear pants while trekking through the wilderness, as ticks are prevalent in these areas and are known to cause lyme disease.
While school may be ending very soon, we at AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Methuen are here year-round, dedicated to helping you make it through each season. For more information, visit our center any day of the week, or call us at 978-975-0700. We look forward to being your go-to source for all your medical needs!


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