The Most Common Types of Urgent Care Visits

The urgent care branch of the healthcare industry has been on a rapid incline the past few years. This incline is because of one thing – patient demand. More and more patients are opting for treatment at urgent care versus an ER or doctor’s office. Urgent care centers are emerging in popularity because of their lower prices, convenient locations and hours, and high-quality services. Check out this list of common reasons for an urgent care visit.

Sudden and Minor Injury

Non-life-threatening injuries are often treated at an urgent care center because, in an emergency room, the patient would be left waiting an hour for treatment. Sports injuries in children are some of the most commonly seen types of injuries. Injuries include things like broken bones, sprained or strained muscles, and cuts that require stitches. 

Urgent care centers are even able to perform X-rays to check for broken bones. If you visit an urgent care for injury treatment, but they believe you need to see a specialist, a referral is also available for patients to receive specialty care! 

Acute and Seasonal Illness

Many types of illnesses are treatable at urgent care. Most illnesses that aren’t chronic conditions or life-threatening conditions are treatable at urgent care! The most commonly seen illnesses at an urgent care center and walk-in clinic include: 

  • Infection – UTI, ear infection, sinus infection, pink eye, cellulitis 
  • Acute respiratory conditions – bronchitis, pneumonia, strep throat 
  • The common cold or the flu 
  • Dehydration 
  • Vomiting
  • Fever

Urgent care centers have modern medical technology and devices they need to diagnose your illness. That means that if you aren’t quite sure what you’re suffering from but know you need treatment, urgent care can help! 

Children and adults alike can be treated for illness at urgent care centers. Some urgent care may specialize in pediatric treatment, while others accept any age patients. 

Preventative Treatment and Testing 

Urgent care centers are also a popular choice for those in need of preventative treatment and testing. Some of this includes: 

  • STD testing
  • Vaccinations 
  • Physicals 

These types of preventative treatments are not available in an emergency room setting, so urgent care is usually the best option for patients! 

Next time you need any of these medical services or treatments, visit an urgent care center close to you. You’ll be able to receive the treatment you need at a price you can afford, so there’s no reason to delay! Urgent care centers accept out-of-pocket payment as well as most major insurance carriers. Look online to find your local urgent care center today. 


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