The Importance of a Seasonal Flu Shot

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness that affects millions of Americans each year. The symptoms of the flu can range from mild to severe and result in nearly 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths per year

The best and most effective way to prevent the flu virus is with an annual flu shot. The flu vaccination is made and administered every year to help protect you against this very adaptable virus.

It is highly recommended that young children, women who are pregnant, and people 65 years and older receive the vaccination as soon as possible. Seniors should receive a higher dosage as well as their immune system may not be as strong. This particular flu vaccination has 4 times the amount of antigens then a standard dosage which speeds up the body’s antibody response.

After you receive the flu shot, it takes nearly 2 weeks for your body to create the necessary antibodies that prevent the flu from occurring. According to the CDC, a flu shot makes you 60-70% less likely to contract or spread the virus.

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