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1) Use the Hotel Gym If you’re staying at a hotel on your journeys, odds are they will have some sort of recreation room, pool or hotel gym. If they do, the extra 30 minutes at the start of the day can go a long way toward staying fit and keeping your metabolism up. 2) Make Healthy Eating Choices With holiday travels, a few big meals are to be expected, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely let go of your dietary routine. Anticipating larger family meals, and supplementing those with healthy foods when possible, can balance out your diet. 3) Pay Attention to Sleep Although it’s easy to forget about the importance of sleep while on vacation, there’s no quicker way to derail your health than to skip a good night’s rest. Prioritize getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night, and let your body keep up with the fun of the holidays. Want to learn more about how to stay healthy? Visit AFC today!]]>

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