Symptoms of a Heat Rash

Heat rash usually is not very serious and does not cause negatively impact a person’s health. In some extreme cases, medical attention may be required. Heat rash occurs when pores are blocked, and sweat becomes trapped under the skin. That is why it’s so common when the weather is hot and humid. AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale can provide medical treatment for more severe cases of heat rash. We also offer resources for all patients to help them maintain good health all summer long. 

Symptoms of Heat Rash

Heat rash often occurs in places where the skin folds, such as armpits or elbow creases. In infants, the rash occurs on their neck, shoulders, and chest. Symptoms present depend on the type of heat rash. 

  • The mildest form affects the top layer of skin. It produces clear, fluid-filled blisters and bumps. 
  • When the rash begins deeper in the skin, it can produce red bumps and itching or prickling. 
  • More severe symptoms can produce blisters that are filled with pus and become inflamed. 
  • Lastly, even more, severe symptoms can retain sweat that causes firm, flesh-colored lesions. 

If you begin to experience pain or a fever, it may be best to seek medical attention. 

Causes of Heat Rash

The weather is the biggest cause of heat rash. Heat and humidity cause the body to overheat in general. With infants, their sweat ducts are not developed enough and can easily trap perspiration. Physical activity can also cause heat rash, as well as bed rest. When someone is unable to move properly and has a fever, it causes the body to sweat more. 

Risk Factors

The main risk factors that can make patients more prone to heat rash include those living in tropical climates, participating in physical activity that causes you to sweat, and age. 

Prevention & Treatment

It is easy to prevent heat rash from happening in most cases. Avoid direct sunlight, and wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Keep your room and bed cool while sleeping at night and stay in air-conditioned areas. 

Heat rash can be diagnosed just by looking at it. Our providers at AFC Hillsdale can prescribe topical ointments or steroids in severe cases. Wearing loose clothing that wicks moisture away from your body can help treat heat rash. Avoid creams and ointments that may block pores further, such as petroleum or mineral oil. 

Visit AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale this summer if you begin to experience any symptoms of heat rash. 


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