Swimmers Ear

Swimmers ear is an infection located in the outer part of the ear canal that occurs when water becomes entrapped in your ear causing bacteria to grow as a result of the moist environment. Putting fingers in your ear or using a cotton swab may seem like a good idea to prevent swimmers ear from occurring, but, it actually damages the thin layer of skin that lines your ear canal.

Some Minor Symptoms of Swimmers Ear:

  • Itchy Ear Canal
  • Minor Redness of the ear
  • Clear, odorless fluid
  • Discomfort of the Ear

Moderate Symptoms:

  • More itching
  • More redness of the ear
  • Increased pain
  • Fluid and Pus
  • Blockage of the ear

If left untreated, Swimmers ear could lead to more serious complications that can cause severe pain to the ear, the ear canal being blocked or muffed, intense swelling of the ear, and even fever. It is important that you seek medical attention even for mild symptoms to prevent further damage and discomfort.



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