Summer Travel Checklist for Patients

Summer weather inspires people to discover new places, break away from their normal routine, and spend more time with those they love the most. Summer traveling is a tradition for many families. As much fun as it is to plan the details of your summer travels, it’s important not to forget to plan the less glamorous aspects of a summer trip too. Follow this checklist to ensure you’re packing and preparing for a safe summer trip without forgetting anything important! 

Is Summer Travel Safe During the Pandemic?

Summer travel is safer now than it was at the start of the pandemic thanks to the rollout of multiple vaccines. The CDC recommends getting fully vaccinated before traveling anywhere. Vaccinations are available at urgent care centers, walk-in clinics, local health departments, and some doctors’ offices. There are multiple versions of the vaccine available, some require a series of two shots so it takes longer to be considered fully vaccinated. You can also continue to use face masks and social distancing to lower the risk of contracting or spreading the virus. Be mindful of your handwashing habits too! Stay informed on the covid-19 stats in any area you plan on traveling to. It’s advised to follow all the latest city, state, and national guidelines regarding covid-19 safety. 

Packing Checklist

Packing is something that varies a little from one person to the next. Of course, you need to pack clothes for each day of the trip and your basic toiletries, but what else? Some of the most important items that are commonly forgotten include: 

  • Reading glasses and case
  • Contact case with solution
  • Case for hearing aides 
  • Denture supplies
  • A current list of all medications and medication allergies
  • Health insurance card 
  • Over the counter sleep aide 
  • Comfortable shoes
  • First aide kit 

Healthcare During Your Travels

Once you have everything packed, take some time to map out your route for the trip. Get familiar with where hospitals and urgent care centers are located at during your travels in case an emergency arises. Urgent care centers offer same-day covid-19 testing if you suspect you’ve been exposed to the virus. It’s recommended to get tested before leaving for your trip, between each destination, and after you arrive back home before returning to school or work. Most urgent care centers accept all major insurance companies and offer short wait times too! That means you can receive the care you need, when you need it, without taking too much time away from your summer fun! 

Call your local urgent care center today to learn more about their hours of operation, pricing, and available services.  Schedule your vaccination appointment ASAP so you have plenty of time to be fully protected before your summer traveling begins! And if you have any symptoms visit AFC Urgent Care Denver to assess your risks with rapid COVID-19 testing at any of our eight locations! 


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