Summer Safety: Protecting Yourself from Ticks

Ticks are one of the smallest  & most dangerous insects. This summer it is extremely important to protect yourself from ticks & the diseases they carry.  Lyme disease, for example, is a bacterial disease that is spread by tick bites & if left untreated can be fatal. At AFC Urgent Care we want you to have a safe & healthy summer.  Be sure to read how to protect yourself from ticks & if you have any questions do not hesitate to call our center at 201-949-8096.


  • Learn where ticks live – The ticks that spread Lyme disease typically live in moist & humid areas, specifically in & near forested or grassy areas. While playing outside or walking through tall grass & bushes, getting bitten by a tick is plausible. Avoiding walking through leaves & other vegetation is a good method to prevent tick bites.
  • Take advantage of insect repellent – Repellents containing permethrin are able to be applied to footwear, clothing & equipment for camping. DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) based repellents are safe to apply directly to the skin or to clothing.
  • Check yourself for ticks daily – It is very critical to check your body for ticks after being outdoors, even if you are just in your own yard. Your entire body needs to be searched for ticks; good methods for doing this are using a hand-held or full length mirror to ensure no area of the body goes unchecked. It is also imperative to check your pets for ticks because ticks are be carried into your home in their fur.


  • Quickly remove the attached tick  – You are able to remove a tick correctly by using fine-tipped tweezers. This should be done as soon as the tick is noticed. Your chances of contracting Lyme disease are slight if the tick has been attached to your skin for under a day, but you could be at risk for contracting other diseases.
  • Check for symptoms – The main symptoms of Lyme disease are a rash & fever. A random fever or bulls-eye shaped rash may be the first signs of Lyme disease, especially if you have been in a tick-friendly habitat.
  • Visit your local AFC Urgent Care – It is necessary to get help as soon as possible if you have the signs or symptoms of being bitten by a tick. AFC Urgent Care is able to assist you in getting the treatment you need!



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