Staying Safe on the Water

Now is the perfect time to take your boat out for a day of summer fun. You can enjoy some jet skiing, fishing, swimming, or just taking in nature all around us. Boating is a beautiful hobby that gets you out of your routine and creates endless fun for the whole family! Follow these safety tips to make sure you’re able to get the most out of your boating trips this summer.

Check the Weather

Unfortunately, boating is a hobby that’s dependent on the weather. Be sure to check the weather before you head out for a day of fun in the sun. If you notice signs that the climate is changing while you’re on the water, make your way to shore as quickly as possible. Symptoms of changing weather may include dark skies, heavy winds, and choppy seas.

Keep Your Distance

To help avoid a boating accident, keep a safe distance from other boaters on the water. Look out for people swimming or participating in sports on the water too. Follow all posted signs for where boats are and are not allowed to go. Even the most experienced boater can quickly end up in an unsafe situation if they get too close to another ship, structure, or person!

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

Drinking on your boat is just as illegal as drinking while you drive your car. You need to remain sober so you can have quick reflexes and proper judgment while you drive. Even if you feel buzzed, you’re putting yourself and others at risk. The legal limit for alcohol in your blood is .08% – most people reach that limit when they claim only to feel buzzed.

Bring Safety Equipment

When you’re boating, be prepared for the worst-case scenario. This means that your boat should be fully stocked with safety equipment before setting sale. Safety equipment includes a life preserver for each member of the ship, a first aid kit, and a radio. Your passengers should ideally wear the life preservers in case an accident occurs, but they need to be kept close by if they aren’t being worn.  If you would like to have your boat evaluated for safety, the coast guard will do it free of charge! Take the time to discuss the safety members above with all of your boating passengers before setting sail.


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