Signs Your Cut Needs Stitches

Lacerations often require treatment by a medical professional to heal properly, but do not always require suturing. How can you quickly tell when a cut needs stitches? While is no simple answer to that question, there are some key signs that your cut needs stitches and that you should visit AFC Urgent Care Paramus for care.

Bleeding That Lasts Longer Than 10 Minutes

When you get cut, you should immediately start to apply firm pressure directly to the affected area. Over 10 minutes or less, the bleeding should slow significantly. If it doesn’t, you will likely need stitches. Blood that’s spurting out of a cut is a sign that you cut an artery, so you will definitely need stitches. Continue to apply pressure to the area until you arrive at an urgent care facility.

A Cut That’s Bigger Than ½ Inch 

If your cut is longer or deeper than ½ an inch, it won’t be able to heal on its own and will require stitches. Any cut that is gaping or that reveals visible fatty tissue, muscle, or bone, needs immediate medical attention and stitches. If your cut doesn’t meet these exact requirements but looks like it may be close, it’s a good idea to visit an urgent care center to get a second opinion and confirm that stitches won’t be needed.

Sensitive Location 

Certain locations are more likely to require stitches than others. Your face and genital area are both much more likely to get stitches for cosmetic purposes than the same cut on a less sensitive area of your body. A cut that’s on a joint is also more likely to need stitches because each time the joint is bent, the cut will come open again if there aren’t stitches to hold it together.

Where to Get Stitches 

A cut that needs stitches is something that requires quick and effective care. Instead of waiting at an emergency room, visiting a local urgent care center is a great option! You will be seen quickly and receive stitches, x-rays, and any other care you might need. Urgent care centers are also the most affordable option for quick medical care, so you won’t have to worry about the cost for those stitches!

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