Signs and Symptoms of the Flu To Watch for This Flu Season!

The flu season is pretty much kicking off at this moment.  As more people stay close together indoors during gatherings, work, and school the flu has a greater chance of spreading from person to person.

The best way to protect against the flu virus is with an updated flu vaccine known as a “flu shot.” Flu shots are your best chance of ensuring you don’t get the flu!

An early flu diagnosis can help patients get the treatment they need more efficiently and begin treatment at a faster schedule. But , the best way for patients to prevent the flu is to first get a flu shot at a nearby urgent care center or similar walk-in clinic!

Fevers are usually the first sign that a patient has the flu

A higher-than-normal fever after a few days usually means you’re coming down with a case of the flu. For most patients, a fever is the very first sign that a patient has the flu virus. A fever can mean a couple of different things, but here is how it can be diagnosed in the context of influenza.

Unlike other diseases, the flu usually leads to early onset symptoms after just a day or two, sometimes up to three. Depending upon how significant the flu virus is, it will usually mean that the flu is coming. Make sure you monitor the severity of a strong headache or a potential fever for a day or two. Afterwards, see a nearby medical provider, like an urgent care center, to coordinate treatment.

Flu symptoms include sneezing, coughing, congestion, and sore throat

When the flu has fully spread throughout your body, then you’ll begin to notice some traditional symptoms of the flu such as sneezing, coughing, congestions, sore throat, and general respiratory irritation.

Breathing will become more difficult and cause other sinus and respiratory irritation. Usually, patients will need extended rest in order

In rare cases the flu virus can lead to hospitalizations

Many patients may not fully realize that the flu can especially impact the health and safety of vulnerable individuals, which leads to hospitalizations. Patients that have trouble breathing, asthma, respiratory issues, or auto-immune deficiencies may have more serve symptoms that require intensive hospital care.

To avoid the flu, simply visit AFC Urgent Care Fairfield to get your flu shot and receive seasonal flu treatment for any potential flu-related illnesses!


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