Should I Be Walking Everyday?

Getting any form of exercise every day will be beneficial for your health, no matter how small. Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise, especially if fitness is not something that has been particularly important to you. AFC Urgent Care Paramus offers all information on general health and wellness tips. Call us today to help make your health a priority in the new year!

Understand the Benefits

There are many benefits to walking everyday. For example, just getting your blood pumping after sitting behind a desk all day can improve your heart. In fact, walking everyday can help lower your risk of coronary heart disease. Other health benefits include reducing your blood sugar and improving your immune system. This is especially helpful since COVID-19 is still in our communities. Just like any exercise, walking can help you lose extra weight. Any form of exercise is beneficial when trying to lose weight, and walking is no exception.

Those who walk everyday have also seen improvements in their mental health. Getting outside for some fresh air can help reduce anxiety, depression, and overall negative moods. It can help ease the pain in joints and lower the risk of arthritis, depending on how often someone chooses to walk. 

Get into a Routine

Getting into a routine is the best way to see the results you want. This involves staying motivated, setting goals for yourself, and sticking to them. The best type of routine to get into when starting to walk everyday is by beginning with stretching and warming up your muscles. Depending on your exercise level, stretching can make the difference between pulling a muscle or injuring yourself.

Also, it’s essential to choose a path you enjoy going on! Scenery and good walking conditions can make walking everyday something to look forward to instead of feeling like it’s something you have to do. 

Lastly, set realistic goals for yourself. Measurable goals can help you feel good about the progress you’re making. 

Stay Motivated

With a routine you’re excited about, and realistic goals to track your progress, staying motivated should come easily. Make it more enjoyable by adding a friend or a pet to walk with you. This can also help you hold yourself accountable to get out there every day. Listening to music and podcasts can give you something additional to look forward to. Do not worry about missing days, either. Walking should be a fun way to help you reach your health and wellness goals, so if you skip any days due to weather or other factors, just get back out there when you’re able.


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