Seasonal Health Updates for Your Child – Fall Season

Seasonal health updates are always important to follow as a parent. As summer becomes the fall, children are likely to experience a variety of unique health risks as the common cold and flu spreads quickier in schools and on playgrounds. Follow some of these seasonal health issues and make sure you get your child a flu shot ASAP

Seasonal fall health issues to be aware of: 

During the fall, other health issues are likely to arise for children including the following: 

  • Allergies – a child’s allergies are more likely to trigger, especially hay fever, as plants shed their leaves and pollen begins to travel more frequently through the air. Additionally, more time indoors during the day means allergy triggers are likely to spread at a higher volume. 
  • Common cold and similar infections – Although most people get the common cold once or twice a year, it’s still a nuisance. The cooler weather and the back to school season put kids at risk. 
  • Flu and the influenza virus – Flu season peaks during the fall and winter as more people stay indoors are the virus spreads quickly from student to student. As kids stay in school during the winter, they are at an increased risk for getting the flu without a flu shot. 
  • Sports injuries – Fall usually means the start of popular youth sports including soccer, basketball, football, and others. Sports injuries usually contribute to a majority of injuries and medical appointments for your child. 

Prevention is paramount to keep your child safe. 

Before any fall health and safety risks come into your child’s life, make sure you educate them on some of the best ways to prevent injuries and illnesses.  For example, teaching your child proper hygiene is a great way to keep them away from germs and the flu.  

Take your child to AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport ASAP! 

Any sudden, non-emergency, health situation means that urgent care is the best option to give your child treatment. Cold and flu symptoms, sports injuries, allergies, and seasonal illness treatment is highly effective at urgent care if you take them ASAP. Urgent care providers and medical staff can ensure that they get the care they need immediately while also preparing them for a full recovery! 

Follow these guidelines to ensure that your child has a healthy, happy, and safe fall season. Pretty soon, it will be time to go apple picking, pumpkin picking, and other fall activities that are best enjoyed with good health!


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