School Sports Safety Tips for Fall 2021

Fall is the season when young athletes participate in various games and activities representing their schools. While it may be time to prepare for your school’s annual sports, you have to take preventive measures due to the global pandemic. Proper guidance and Covid-19 protection tips can ensure safety for young athletes and their families. 

Strict Covid-19 Safety Guidance for Athletic Leagues for Fall of 2021

All states have athletic leagues, games, and events. We will see many activities this fall since the schools are reopening but with a few safety tips. Protection against Covid-19 is important.

To protect young athletes and their families, anyone eligible for vaccination should get it. Covid-19 vaccine minimizes the risk of spread and illness symptoms. Whether vaccinated or non-vaccinated, wearing face masks at all times, especially when outdoors, is highly important. By maintaining social distancing, one can avoid contracting Covid-19. 

Competitiveness during Games/Events

While you may prepare your child for protection from Covid-19 illness, you shouldn’t compromise on their athletic training at any cost. Strength, cardio, muscle, and other fitness training are integral to their success, growth, and passion. Here are some quick tips to help you keep your child fit for this fall’s sports leagues.

Skills Training

Inactive periods during the global pandemic may have affected your child’s sports skills. You can begin training to help them stay fit and prepare for the upcoming event. The skills training you initiate will depend on the sport the student takes part in, such as kicking, running, catching, passing, hitting, etc. Practicing new turns can reveal promising results.

Endurance Training (Cardio)

Endurance (cardio) training is not only good for athletic reasons but also cardiovascular health. Running a few miles on a set timetable can improve players’ performance. Basic cardio training involves running. Here’s a quick running plan that athletes can follow to build endurance.

  • First Week – One mile run on alternate days
  • Second Week – One and a half-mile run on alternate days
  • Third Week – Two-mile run on alternate days
  • Fourth Week – One mile run every day
  • Fifth Week – One and a half-mile run every day
  • Sixth Week – Two-mile run every day

Strength Training

Going to the gym to perform heavy lifting and using individual weights to build muscles and strength has become quite difficult during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, strength training is important to build effective power and core strength in young athletes. For example, a football athlete might train with small weights to build agility.


Sometimes, players may require a physical before the sports events. In this case, visit a local urgent care center for a same-day physical today!


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