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Are You Ready for School? If you haven’t gone back-to-school shopping yet, go ahead and get your lists in order. However, before you go to the store, make sure you don’t already have some of the items hiding in your home, such as paper, pencils, binders, etc. Many times you have these items left over from past school years, which can help save you money and time. In addition, create a homework space for your children that includes any homework supplies they may need. Make sure the room you establish for the homework room is free from unnecessary technology (aka the smartphone or a gaming device), so that your children can focus on their homework. How is the sleep and wake-up schedule going in your house? Have your kids started going to bed and waking up earlier? Or are they still on their “summer” sleep schedule? If the kids are still dreaming about summer, it’s time to go ahead and wake them up to an earlier routine prior to the first day of school. Finally, don’t forget to check your children’s lunch menu for the week. If there is anything that you know your kids wouldn’t want to eat on the school’s cafeteria menu for the week, plan a creative lunch box meal that includes a lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains in order to ensure your kids are fueling their minds and bodies for the school day. Visit AFC Urgent Care Knoxville before your kids’ first day of school to ensure their vaccinations are up to date and ready to go!]]>

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