Safety tips for school

It is late Septemeber & if your child is still adapting to the new school year. Whether you have a child returning to school or one starting the school year for the first time, these tips are useful for all families & their children. We here at AFC Urgent Care Paramus understand that as a parent of a child of any age you will worry about them while they are at school. Let’s discuss some ways to make both your child & you feel comfortable during the school year.

Make safe routes to & from school

If your child is old enough to go to school themselves then there is always a possibility of them getting lost or you not knowing where they are. For little children it is best to pick a route to school/bus stop & home. Walk this route with them so they can get familiar with it & make it part of their routine. For older kids in high school who are starting to drive from home, it is important to also share with them a route to school & home. Your kids are never too old to learn something new.

Stranger Danger

You might be asking yourself “Of course I have taught my child about strangers”. Strangers can be more than just some random adults on the side of the street. While a child progresses their way through school, a child will come in contact with many people. Other kids that a child meets for the first time are technically strangers. It is important to keep a strong line of communication & a sense of openness with your child. This will let your child be able to speak about their day & let you know who is in their life. From here you can give some advice on what to do about specific or gain insight into the crowd your child is in.

Give your child a phone

A phone is a big responsibility as we know, however, your child having a phone forms a direct line of communication between you two. This is extremely important in case of an emergency at the school. If a situation occurs at the school the worst thing you would want to do is not be able to get in contact with your child.

AFC Urgent Care Paramus would like to wish you all good luck during the school year &  we hope these tips were helpful!


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