‘Safely but Swiftly:’ Knife Safety Tips

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Here at AFC Urgent Care (formally known as AFC ) we like to remind our patients to take care of their health and be safe every day. This can also mean being safe in the kitchen. There are potential hidden dangers around every corner, especially when using a knife.

We partnered with Chip’s Family Restaurant in Fairfield to get a few safety tips when using knives in the kitchen.

Adam Bajko, Manager of Chip’s says, “Safely but swiftly.  With quick turnaround times at the restaurant, the cooks know time can be of the essence. They have to move quickly when cutting and that is where accidents occur most often.” Bajko recommends concentrating when using a knife and take your time. Be sure that the knife’s handle is free of grease and other slippery substances. “At the end of the day, we prefer to have our employees safe when cooking in the kitchen,” stated Bajko.

In any case of a minor cut, be sure to visit AFC Urgent Care in Bridgeport. We’re here to take care of your non-life threatening emergency needs, and can care for minor cuts and punctured wounds.

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