Outdoor Summer Safety

Summer is right around the corner! The warm weather and sunshine are much needed after a long winter. With a year or more of working from home and limiting activities away from the house because of COVID, getting outside is a welcome change of scenery. Follow these tips to ensure your family stays safe and healthy all summer long!

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Covid Safety

Covid safety depends partially on where you are and if you’re vaccinated or not. There are some guidelines, however, that everyone is encouraged to follow.

Experts recommend continuing to practice social distancing in both indoor and outdoor settings. If social distancing isn’t possible, all family members who are old enough to wear a mask should have one on.

Sticking to parks and other outdoor areas close to home limits your risk of being exposed or exposing another community if you’re unknowingly carrying COVID. If you are traveling, do research on current COVID cases before choosing a location.

Ticks and Mosquitos

Ticks and mosquito bites are annoying, to say the least. They can lead to infection and even more severe illnesses like Lyme disease. Limit the risk of ticks and mosquitos biting by wearing clothes that cover as much exposed skin as possible when you’ll be in a wooded or grassy area. You can also utilize bug sprays and repellents to deter them more. When you’re done outside, immediately shower and check your entire body for any bites or ticks that need to be removed.

Avoiding Poison Ivy and Oak

Poison ivy and poison oak are both common plants that grow in more places than you’d think! You can avoid these plants by familiarizing yourself with what they look like and sticking to designated trails on hikes and walks.

Showering, changing clothes, and cleaning the fur of your pets that were outside with you will limit the risk of a reaction if you were unknowingly exposed while you were out. AFC Boulder County provides treatment for poison ivy and poison oak.

Sun Safety

Everyone in the family should wear a daily SPF of 30 or higher. If you are in direct sun, reapply the SPF every 2 to 3 hours and anytime you get out of the water. It takes just 15 minutes in the sun for your skin to get damaged. Even if you are only out for a short while, protect your skin against the sun!

Follow the latest COVID information in your area to determine what outdoor activities are COVID safe, and don’t forget to continue practicing other summer safety tips at every outing!


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