Our Q&A With Our North Andover Scholarship Recipient

Each year, AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care North Andover has the pleasure of providing a scholarship to a local high school senior for their hard work and dedication to the community. This year’s recipient was the Norwich University-bound, AJ.

Doctors Express Recipient Interview Questions:

What are your next steps?                                                                           

 I will be attending Norwich university. 

Do you have any words of advice for the upcoming seniors?

Don’t make excuses.

Best memory from high school?

Not sure what my best memory is…

Five fun facts about you?

I love reading, running, and fishing.

Inspirational quotes that you like to follow/turn to?

“Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.
Trouble no one about his religion.
Respect others in their views and demand that they respect yours.
Love your life, perfect your life. Beautify all things in your life.
Seek to make your life long and of service to your people.
When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way.
Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.” -Chief Tecumseh

Who is your biggest inspiration/hero?

My uncle Jimmy.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The Navy.


Congratulations on graduation, AJ. We hope you have a fantastic time at college and enjoy your post-college career with the Navy!



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Our Mission and Values:

Our mission is to provide the best healthcare possible in a kind and caring environment, in an economical manner, while respecting the rights of all of our patients, at times and locations convenient to the patient.

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