National Skin Care Month

November is known as the month of giving thanks but did you know it is also national skin care month? That’s right; our skin is the biggest organ of our body! When we think of our skin most of us immediately think of our face & don’t think about the rest of our body that is covered in it! In honor of National Skin Care Month AFC Urgent Care Paramus would like to give you all some tips on how to make sure your skin stays healthy & beautiful!

Showers & Baths

We are not here to tell you to take a shower & bath daily because we already know all of you know that. Instead, we would like to give a pointer on how to make your showers & tubs. We know there is nothing better than a warm shower after a cold winter day, but prolonged exposure to hot water can lead to skin drying out. It is best if you keep your shower water at a reasonable degree of warmness. When taking a bath the same rules apply, you do not want to fill your tub with scorching hot water. You should also time yourself when you are in a bathtub when skin soaks in water for an extended period it will even start to dry out!

Moisturize yourself

After you take your shower/bath, you should dry yourself off & then moisturize your skin! Moisturizing is a great way to keep the skin exfoliated & prevent dryness from happening as well as other irritations. Depending on the time of the year & skin type you have some people may need different kinds of relations than other. The thicker the lotion, the more protection against the elements your skin has! Another great way to moisturize yourself is to buy a humidifier. In the winter times, we often spend a lot of time inside. The air inside gets dry because of heaters. A humidifier would help your skin out immensely!

Skincare outside of the house

Sometimes you will not have access to a shower or a bath, but you will still need time to make sure your skin is being well treated. Washing your hands is a great way to keep bacteria & viruses from getting on your skin. Washing your hands too much can lead to your hands drying, out, however! Hand Sanitizer is a good alternative that you can use that will prevent you from drying out your hands. We hope these tips will help you have healthy skin!


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