Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues are on the rise in America, particularly among young people. Mental, emotional, and social well-being are all important aspects of mental health and are crucial in maintaining a healthy and balanced life in all these key areas. Mental health issues can manifest in different forms and affect anyone. Whether it’s anxiety, mood fluctuations, impulse control disorders, or psychotic matters, mental health problems shouldn’t be taken lightly or ignored. It can be a debilitating problem that impacts decision making, coping with stress and interactions with others, and the day-to-day activities in your life.

Emotional Health is Important

Emotional health is essential to maintaining good mental health, as well as overall physical health and well-being. When an individual is emotionally healthy, they have a keen understanding of how to cope with the problems confronted, manage and deal with the stresses of everyday life, and possess an awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Good emotional health helps individuals manage negative emotions that can hinder their growth and ruin relationships, and it can help individuals to be more productive in their endeavors. It’s essential in keeping things in perspective and knowing when to seek help for any perceived mental health issue.

Improving Emotional Health

Emotional health can be improved, no matter how bad a situation may appear. Neglecting your emotional health should never be an option because there are ways to boost your emotional state. Emotional and mental health can be improved with regular exercise, consuming a balanced diet with nutrient-rich foods, getting better sleep, taking time to relax, and making an effort to bring balance to one’s life. The personal initiative can go a long way to improve emotional health.

When to Ask For Help

Individuals are impacted by mental health-related issues in different ways. It’s never too soon to ask for help. When confronted with any of the following, it’s time to seek advice:
● Difficulty functioning on a day-to-day basis
● Significant mood fluctuations
● Feelings Depressed- struggling with sadness, feelings of worthlessness, sleep deprivation, low energy,
● Anxiety
● Thoughts of suicide and helplessness

Getting Help For Mental Health Issues

If you think you are at risk, you can use different resources to get you back on track.
● Open up to individuals you can confide in, such as family, friends, coworkers, religious leader
● Get the help of a trained therapist
● Find a support group
● Your workplace may provide support service

Mental health is an essential part of an individual’s overall physical, psychological, and social well being. If an individual’s mental health is compromised, it can disrupt everyday activities and even get to the point where it is debilitating if left unchecked. Despite the stigma and fear, it’s best to seek help for any mental health issue that you might be facing.


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