March is National Nutrition Month

Now that March is here it is officially National Nutrition Month. This month the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provides nutrition education and an informational campaign available to all. The focus of this campaign is to bring attention to the importance of making healthy choices and developing wide-ranging and physical activity habits.March NationalNutritionMonth2017

This year’s theme is, “Best Fork Forward.” The theme was created as a reminder that we hold the tool to make healthier food choices, every time we sit down to eat. Making small lifestyle changes and creating healthy eating habits over time, can help improve our health now and into the future.

At AFC Urgent Care we will be sharing facts and tips about healthy eating habits for adults and children through the month of March. We will help guide you to start these habits earlier in life by showing recipes and tricks for the kids that are fun, friendly, and healthy.

Follow us on our social media channels, Facebook and Twitter and use the #NMM hashtag throughout March.


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