Keeping Your Child Safe During Organized Sports

Sports are a wonderful way to keep children active and healthy. For many kids, games are even their primary way of making new friends! Games are unfortunately also one of the most common causes of injury in children. These injuries will never be 100% avoidable, but there are a few tips you can use to help lower the risk. 
Before your child begins playing any sport, they should take 10 minutes to stretch. Stretching gives their muscles the ability to warm up and become flexible before they’re put under the intense activity of a sport. Stretching can significantly reduce the risk of your child suffering from a sprain or strain while they play. 
Use Recommended Equipment
Check the latest safety equipment requirements for your child’s sport and age group to ensure they have what they need. Helmets, pads, shin guards, and more are all vital to preventing an injury in your child. If your child is participating in group sports, talk with the coach, and find out if the equipment they have on hand meets these requirements. 
Stay Close By
Supervision is essential any time your kid is doing something, but especially during sports. Your supervision, or the supervision of a coach, will encourage the kids to stick to the safety rules they’ve been taught. If you see things escalating or becoming unsafe, you’ll be able to step in right away. Supervising your child while they play will also give you the ability to notice an injury the second that it happens, rather than hours after the fact. 
Seek Quick Treatment 
If your child suffers a sports-related injury despite your best prevention efforts, seek immediate treatment. Take your child to local urgent care for damages that are not life-threatening. You’ll be able to receive high-quality medicine at an affordable price, and without the long wait, you’d find in an emergency room! You can look up locations for local urgent care centers online and even find out what types of insurance they accept. 
Signing your child up for sports is something you should be excited about, not afraid of. If you keep these safety tips in mind next time your child hits the field or court, you’ll know you’re doing all you can to keep them safe! Go over these tips with your child and any other adults that will be around while they’re playing. 


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