Is the Flu Shot Safe for My Child?

Flu season is fast approaching as the summer turns to fall,  which means patients will want to get their flu shot ASAP from an urgent care center. However, there is still a significant number of patients and parents that are apprehensive about getting the flu shot. Any myths or rumors that you may have seen about the flu are that: just myths and non-facts. Below is a definitive explanation about the safety of the flu shot

The flu shot, or “flu vaccine,” is a safe way to protect against the flu. 

Every flu vaccine and flu shot has been tested and regulated by agencies such as the CDC and other public health departments to ensure safety, as well as effectiveness. Each year, a flu vaccine is manufactured to help your immune system create the defenses it needs to stay healthy as the virus spreads across rural and urban communities. Flu shots help prevents millions of hospitalizations every year for vulnerable patients, such as older adults, younger infants/toddlers, and others. Side effects of the flu shot are mild for a vast majority of patients. 

Be careful about common flu shot myths: they are still myths 

The internet and social media has lead to the spread of flu-safety myths and mistruths, due to skepticism from politicized or agenda-based groups. One of the biggest myths is that taking the flu shot can give you the flu. This is not true – flu vaccines are made with either killed flu viruses or flu genes, and therefore are not infectious. This myth stems from the fact that many people get mild flu-like symptoms for a day or two after the shot. These symptoms usually include soreness and headaches, but are not dangerous and pass quickly. This is because the shot needs to provoke an immune response in order to protect you. 

Another common myth is that it’s better to get the flu than to get the flu shot. However, the flu is more likely to lead to uncomfortable symptoms while the vaccine allows patients to build an effective immunity using a weakened strain. Additionally, the flu shot helps to keep those around you healthy and safe as well. 

A flu shot takes only a few minutes and can lead to significant time, money, and other savings. 

The flu causes millions of patients every year to miss school, work, and other commitments throughout the year. By getting a flu shot, patients don’t have to worry about going to other medical appointments, missing key events, and spending several weeks in bed. Know the facts and get your child the flu shot once flu season peaks. 


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