Is it Possible to Have Safe Holiday Celebrations During COVID-19?

COVID-19 has had a big impact on how we live our daily lives. While we all probably hoped it would be gone by now, that isn’t the case. Heath experts are working to formulate a vaccine to manage the spread of COVID-19, but until that happens, taking extra precautions is necessary.

Are Holiday Gatherings Safe?

The safety of holiday gatherings depends on your location and the amount of new COVID-19 cases per day in your area. State and local health departments have the best information regarding COVID-19 guidelines in your area. If small gatherings are considered safe where you live, then having a celebration is fine as long as you and your guests take necessary precautions. Certain people who are considered high risk for COVID-19 because of their age or health conditions should refrain from attending any holiday celebrations, even if it is considered “safe” in your area.

COVID-19 Testing and Resources

COVID-19 testing, antibody testing, and your seasonal flu shot are all available at AFC Urgent Care Natick 7 days a week! Getting familiar with those resources is the best way to be proactive in limiting your COVID-19 exposure risk and detecting it early if you are exposed.

Hosting a Safe Holiday Celebration

If you’re going to be hosting a holiday celebration this year, consider using these tips to make it as safe as possible!

  • Use a venue that is large enough to allow 6-foot social distancing between guests
  • Limit the number of guests invited
  • Have extra masks on hand for guests that arrive without their own
  • Supply plenty of hand sanitizing and hand washing stations for guests throughout the celebration
  • Assign one person to handle all food and drink serving at the celebration. This person should wear a mask at all times. A traditional buffet style where each guest serves themselves raises the risk of COVID-19 exposure and spread.
  • Ask guests to stay home if they’ve been experiencing any potential COVID-19 symptoms or have recently traveled to an area with higher COVID-19 numbers.

COVID-19 Testing in Natick, MA

Having a safe holiday celebration is possible, but it’s important to understand that any celebration does come with the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Speak with your friends and family to determine what the best option is based on your location and health concerns. Schedule an appointment with AFC Urgent Care Natick to learn more about your individual health risks and local COVID-19 data.


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