Is Cold Weather Bad for You?

Brrr…it’s cold out there! Cold temperatures are here to stay, but what does it mean for your health?

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Hartsdale wants you to know the effects that cold weather can play on our health, as well as ways to stay safe this time of year. Read on as we offer some perspective.

Is Cold Weather Good for Your Health?

The cold weather forces our bodies to work hard at maintaining a core body temperature. As a result, more calories are burned, which is why they might say that summer bodies are made in the winter. In addition, cold weather can also help to reduce allergies and inflammation, which is another added benefit to our health!

However, with all the good that can come to our health from the cold weather, it is also important for us to pay attention to the negative effects the cold weather can have.

Negative Effects of Cold Weather

  • Diminishes immune system
  • Frostbite
  • Hypothermia
  • Balance issues
  • Heart problem
  • Dry skin
  • Overeating due to being bored indoors
  • Less physical activity

What Hazards Does the Cold Weather Bring?

The winter brings a unique set of safety challenges, particularly in snowy and icy areas like New York. Winter precipitation and extreme cold can make illness and injury more likely, so it’s important to take precautions to remain safe.

The most important you can do in general is to boost your immune system by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. But you can also take other safety precautions.

Ways to Stay Safe in Cold Weather

  • Wear appropriate outdoor clothing, especially a hat and gloves.
  • Cover your mouth when outdoors to protect your lungs from extreme cold.
  • Sprinkle cat litter or sand on icy patches to avoid falls.
  • Work slowly when outside doing chores.
  • Follow safety precautions when outdoors.

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