Hygiene Tips to Prevent the Flu this Season

It’s wintertime and  flu season is at its peak! Make sure you get your annual flu shot and keep up with hygiene tips to avoid catching the flu, common cold, or another type of seasonal illness.

Just follow these quick hygiene and wellness tips to fight the flu and keep from getting sick. Also share these tips with your friends and family to increase your prevention efforts!

Wash your hands regularly throughout the day

This suggestion may seem like common sense, but it can be hard to remember regular hand washing during the day at work or elsewhere.

Hot water and soap is the most effective method for hand washing to prevent germs and the spread of influenza, the common cold, and other illnesses. If there is no soap and water around, then use hand sanitizer as another way to keep your hands clean.

In addition, you also need to be careful about where you place your hands. Frequently touching doorknobs, hand railings, and public surfaces can increase the likelihood of catching the flu. If you touch these surfaces then make sure you wash your hands accordingly.

Eat healthy, stay active, and sleep!

Your immune system works best when the rest of your body is properly fed, hydrated, and rested. This is especially important during flu season when your body is more prone to germs, infections, and diseases.

Make sure to eat three meals a day to keep your energy up, and regularly snack if you’re starting to lose energy. Additionally, you’ll want to frequently drink water and get as much sleep as possible. These healthy habits not only make you more productive and energetic, but they gradually help your immune system operate at peak performance!

Get your flu shot ASAP!

By far the most effective form of preventing the flu is to get your annual flu shot.

The flu shot is a vaccination that uses a weakened strain of the latest flu virus to help your body build immunity. A person cannot get the flu from the weakened flu strain and their immunity lasts throughout the flu season.

It is important to understand that flu shots are annual because influenza adapts and changes each year in order to survive. No matter what your plans are this winter, make sure you get a flu shot to significantly lower your chances of getting the flu.


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