Hydration: Why It’s So Important

Staying Hydrated

Whether relaxing by the beach or rushing through the city, staying hydrated is key to staying energized. Often times we get caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to keep track of how much water we’re drinking.  According to Mayo Clinic, on average a full grown adult should drink 12-15 cups of fluids a day. The effects of not drinking enough fluids a day can be detrimental especially in children. There are many different ways to stay hydrated, drinking water isn’t the only way.

Dehydration can lead to serious and sometimes fatal complications, especially in this summer heat! Headaches, dry skin, and bad breath are only a few signs that you may be dehydrated. According to Mayo Clinic, some serious complications from being dehydrated include seizures, kidney failure, and brain swelling. Dehydration in kids is extremely dangerous and symptoms should be taken even more seriously.

Despite popular belief, drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated. There are so many ways to keep staying hydrated! Munching on melons, chewing on cucumbers, and blending watermelons are just a few fun and healthy ways. Some more common ways to stay hydrated include keeping a water bottle handy and even trying different types of teas. As soon as you feel parched, you should drink some water, as thirst is your body’s fool proof way of staying hydrated.

Although 20% of the average person’s water intake comes from food, it’s important to quench your thirst and drink enough fluids to stay hydrated. Dehydration is not a joke and can lead to serious health complications, so make sure before you head out in the summer sun to grab a bottle of water and drink up!

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