How To Treat Sinus Pain and Prevent It

Sinus pain is one of the most irritating and painful things an individual can go through. You may suffer from a sinus infection when you have a cold or are experiencing a seasonal allergy. People suffering from a sinus infection must usually deal with clogged nasal passages. This can sometimes make it difficult to breathe and leads to severe headaches and pain in the nose and face. Sometimes the symptoms worsen, and a person may become unable to attend to daily responsibilities. Such interferences can cause them to miss out on work or school.

A sinus infection means that you will experience pain in some facial areas, such as the cheeks, eyes, forehead, and back of your head.  If you’ve been struggling with sinus pain often, it’s now time to treat and prevent it in the future.

Treatments for Sinus Pain

1.      Take Steam Daily

Steam is an effective way to relieve sinus pain and get instant relief. Not to mention, the process is simple too. Take a pot of hot water, add salt or an inhalant to it, and inhale the steam under a cloth or towel. Steam adds moisture to the air, which soothes your sinus passages and clears any mucus. You could also keep a humidifier in your room while sleeping. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, ensuring that you get relief from sinus pain.

2.      Use a Saline Nose Spray

You can use a saline nose spray, as your doctor prescribes, to reduce any swelling in the sinuses. It can help you breathe easier by relieving the clogged-up feeling in your nose.  Some people make a saline nasal spray at home, but you should consult with your doctor before doing this.

3.      Over the Counter Medications

OTC medications are another quick way to treat sinus pain. Medication such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetaminophen helps relieve sinus pain. Before taking any medications, make sure to consult your healthcare professional.

How to Prevent Sinus?

Once you experience sinus pain, it’s quite likely you will go through it again, especially if you’re prone to allergies that come from seasonal changes. You can do a few things to prevent the effects and symptoms of sinus, mentioned below:

  • Keeping away from dry environments with polluted air
  • Keep inhaling steam
  • Take hot showers
  • Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water
  • Run water through your nasal passages daily
  • Keep your head elevated when sleeping


An infection in your sinus is very common, so you don’t have to worry about it if you’re struggling with the symptoms. A good thing about sinus is that it’s easily treatable, and healthcare centers are usually able to treat symptoms immediately. Therefore, just stick to the treatments and prevention tips above, and you’re good to go.


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