How to Keep Your Child Safe from the Sun

Being able to get your kids out in the sunshine and fresh air again after a long winter is always a relief. Not only does it give you a break from indoor entertainment, but it also gives your kids some much-needed vitamin D! Playing in the sun is fun for the whole family until someone ends up with a painful sunburn. Use these tips to keep your kids protected from the sun all summer long!

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Avoiding the Strongest Sun Rays

The sun’s rays are the strongest from about 10 AM to 3 PM everyday. If you can, try to limit the time your kids spend in direct sunlight during this time. Bring them under the shade for lunch or a snack to get out of the harmful rays and recharge.

Daily SPF

Everyone should be wearing a daily SPF. Yes, everyone! No matter your age or skin tone, being in the sun without SPF puts you at risk of sun damage, skin cancer, and painful sunburns. Use an SPF of 30 or higher on your kids every day. If they’re in direct sunlight, reapply every 2 to 3 hours and every time they get out of the water. There are a wide variety of sunscreens to choose from, so finding one for young children or kids with sensitive skin will be no problem.

Limiting Sun Exposure

Another effective way to protect your kids from the sun is to limit their exposed skin when they’re in the sun. You can utilize large sun hats, long sleeves, and pants to cover more skin than traditional summer attire. Some brands make ultra-light and sweat-wicking clothing, so extra coverage doesn’t have to mean being unbearably hot! Many children’s bathing suits will also come with rashguards with built-in SPF to protect your child’s sensitive skin. Encourage your child to wear sunglasses from a young age to protect the sensitive skin around their eyes.

Treating Sunburn

If your child gets a sunburn despite your best efforts, it’s okay! Treat the sunburn with a cool bath and aloe vera gel to soothe the burn. Sunburned skin will be dry as it begins to heal, so stock up on an unscented moisturizer and apply it multiple times each day. Avoid moisturizers that contain petroleum jelly because they will trap heat into the skin and extend the healing time.

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