How to avoid “Christmas Tree Syndrome”

Christmas- a time of joy, celebration….and sneezing?  While so many of us get so much joy out of the tradition of bringing home our Christmas tree, others – a great percentage of us actually- suffer at this time of year with allergic symptoms that can put a real damper on the holiday spirit. For those who experience a less than optimal experience when bringing home their Christmas tree  we strongly encourage you to take certain precautions when putting up your Christmas tree to avoid the dreaded “Christmas Tree Syndrome”. It’s a real thing.

Researchers at the State University of New York, have found that 70 percent of the molds found on real Christmas trees can cause sinus congestion, severe asthma, exhaustion, and more.

Why? Christmas Tree Syndrome is an allergic reaction to your tree, whether it is a real or artificial one. Here are some tips to ensure a comfortable and joyous Christmas.


Tips to avoid “Christmas Tree Syndrome”:

  • It is important to wear gloves and long sleeves to keep hands and arms covered to prevent touching the sap of real trees. Before bringing the tree indoors, it is important to shake or blow it off and then spray with water to remove mold. The tree stump should also be soaked in a bucket water for a few days to prevent future mold.
  • For fake trees, it is recommended to securely store the tree in an area away from dust and dirt.  When setting up the tree, it is also important to wipe off any accumulated dust or dirt from the tree and ornaments that may have settled on the tree. A lot of buildup can occur over the course of 11 months.

For more information, or if you are suffering from Christmas Tree Syndrome symptoms, feel free to come in and  be seen in our Worcester urgent care center, located at 117A Stafford Street, 7 days a week, with no appointment necessary.

Happy Holidays!


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