How Should I Prepare My Child to Go Back to School During COVID-19?

Schools are going to be back in session in a few weeks, with school districts continuing to decide how schools will be operating this fall, including virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning. If your school district is still undecided about how the year will proceed, now is the best time to start talking to your child about what school may look like when they return to set expectations and teach them necessary safety precautions. 

Have your child get used to wearing a mask for long periods of time

If your child is going to be in a classroom setting this fall, masks will likely be required. Have them get used to having masks on for longer periods of time by having them wear a mask while playing both indoors and outdoors for long stretches each day. Make sure they know the proper way to take off and put on a mask, as well as how to care for rewearable masks by washing them each day. To make it seem more fun for the child, have them pick out patterns or characters they would like to have featured on the mask, similar to having them pick out clothes when back-to-school shopping.

Teach your child how to properly wash their hands

Children are prone to touching anything that looks interesting, which can be dangerous as COVID-19 can live on surfaces for several days, easily transmitting to hands. Talk to your child about the importance of keeping their hands to themselves at this time and teach them how to wash their hands thoroughly to kill germs and break up residue:

  • Wet hands under running, warm water
  • Lather hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap
  • Scrub for at least 30 seconds, with focus on between fingers, the backs of hands, and underneath fingernails
  • Rinse with warm, running water

When should I keep my child home from school?

Because of the ongoing pandemic, there will likely be more days you will want to keep your children at home rather than send them to school. If your child suffers from asthma or other upper respiratory conditions, consult with your doctor about what is best for your child’s health. If your child has a cough, runny nose, or other symptoms of an upper respiratory illness, they should be kept at home for at least 24 hours. Check their temperature each morning and keep them home if they have even a low-grade fever. If the school decides to hold in-person or hybrid classes, they will likely send information home regarding health and safety guidelines including when to keep students at home and updated cleaning protocols.

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