How Phone Apps Can Help You Lose Weight and Improve Fitness

In 2019, it seems like there’s almost no aspect of our daily life that doesn’t involve our smartphone. From ordering groceries to updating a status – your phone can do it all. What if it could be doing more though? Many people have seen great success from using their phone to help kickstart their weight loss and fitness journey.

Track Overall Health

Fitness consists of several other factors besides that final number on the scale. Some phone apps can track steps per day, water intake, and even sleep! Knowing about all aspects of your health will allow you to improve on the areas in need and ultimately, have a more successful fitness journey.

Pacing Yourself

If you set a fitness goal for yourself, such as running a 5k, there’s an app to help out! Fitness apps are available that can help you go from sedentary to active at a gradual and safe pace. Working too hard too fast can be discouraging, but by simply completing the planned workout for each feel accomplished without overdoing it.

Monitoring Intake

Weight loss and fitness start in the kitchen, not the gym. An app on your phone is the best way to monitor your intake. Many food tracking apps even can scan a barcode or connect with a restaurant menu to make adding the food you eat easier than ever. These apps can break down your macro and micronutrient intake as well, giving you a deeper sense of where your diet needs improvement.

Connect with Friends

We all know that weight loss is easier when you have someone doing it with you. Fitness apps allow you to connect with friends on the app and share updates about your fitness journey. Cheer one another on, share a friendly competition, and even send them some of the helpful tips you’ve learned along the way! If you have a day when you’re feeling discouraged, seeing that all of your friends have been out and active will give you the motivation you need to do the same.

Weight loss is no comfortable journey but utilizing all of the tools available to you to make it easier will significantly improve your chances for success. After all, you pay a phone bill each month, you might as well get the most use out of it as you possibly can!


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