How Long Does the Flu Shot Last?

Getting your flu shot is a wonderful way to protect your health at the beginning of the flu season each year. However, flu clinics seem to be popping up earlier and earlier, making many people curious if it is possible to get your flu shot too far in advance.
Read as our team at AFC Urgent Care Dedham shares information about the ideal time to receive your flu shot:

An Overview of the Flu Shot

The flu shot begins development many months before each flu season, with researchers doing their best to determine which strains will be the most active in the coming year. Once that is determined, the flu shot is engineered with inactivated versions of the flu strains believed to be most common.
The flu shot works because after injection, your body begins to build up antibodies to the selected strains, giving you the ammunition you need to fight against the full-strength virus if you are exposed. Some shots will contain three strains of the flu virus, but most contain four to provide the most complete level of protection possible.

How Long Does It Take for the Flu Shot to Be Effective

The process of your bodybuilding up antibodies to fight the flu virus takes about two weeks from the time you receive the shot. During this time, you should be extremely cautious in public, practice regular handwashing and sanitary measures, and prevent yourself from being exposed if possible.

The Ideal Time to Get a Flu Shot

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone receive a flu shot in early autumn, before the end of October. While it is better to get one late in lieu of not getting one at all, getting your shot before the peak of the disease in your area is the best way to practice prevention.

Is It Too Early to Get a Flu Shot?

For most healthy individuals, the answer is no. For individuals with compromised immune systems doctors may occasionally recommend receiving the shot later, but in most cases receiving your shot before the end of October is recommended.
The best time to receive your flu shot is right now! Come see us ASAP at AFC Urgent Care Dedham to get yours.


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