Holiday Cooking Safety for 2020

The holidays are a happy season meant for spending time with family and loved ones. There can be a lot happening at once, so it is easy to become stressed or distracted by potential dangers. Many things could happen during the holidays, including fires, injury while cooking, or accidental food poisoning. Knowing basic first aid can help keep accidents from getting worse. For any accident that may happen, AFC Urgent Care Dedham is here for treatment.

Cooking Fires

Safety when cooking can mean many different things. First, fire safety is one of the most important things during the holidays. 455 kitchen-related fires happen every day during the holidays. To avoid any disasters this year, be sure to keep an eye on any food on the stove, broiling, or frying. Do not wear long sleeves while cooking, and keep any potential fire hazards away from burners. Keep burners and surfaces clean to avoid grease fires, and never put water on a grease fire. If possible, check fire alarms before the holidays and purchase a small fire extinguisher to have handy in case of emergency.

Personal Safety

In addition to kitchen fires, there are many safety precautions to take while physically cooking. Burns on hot ovens or cookware are very common during the holidays. Run cold water over a burn for several minutes to keep the severity down, and AFC Urgent Care Dedham offers treatment for smaller burns. Cutting up food can also end in accidents if the knife accidentally slips. Make sure knives are not dull and cut away from your body to avoid any accidents. Wipe away any contaminants such as food from the cut, and wrap with a bandaid or gauze for larger cuts. Hydrogen peroxide will work as a disinfectant. For any cuts that do not stop bleeding, AFC Urgent Care Dedham has treatment for stitches and other lacerations. If the cut is severe and deep, visit a local emergency room.

Food Poisoning

It is possible to experience food poisoning during the holiday season while focusing on many things at once. Having a meat thermometer handy can help alleviate this when cooking any meat, fish, or poultry. Wash your hands frequently when preparing food and before eating. Any cross-contaminants from raw food may get others sick. Raw food should be kept at least 40°F, and cooked food should be put away in the refrigerator up to two hours after cooking. Do not eat any raw food that includes eggs, as these can carry the germ for salmonella. The CDC has information about symptoms of food poisoning that you can read here.


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