Healthy Snacks to Keep in a Backpack

backpacksYou may start the day off with a filling, healthy breakfast, but your child is bound to get hungry again before lunchtime.  For students, long school days can be a bit of a drag, and short lunch breaks isn’t enough to get through the day.  With hunger leading to fatigue and difficulty focusing, it’s important to stay satisfied throughout the school day.  It may be tempting to grab a bag of chips to curb hunger until lunch time, but there are healthy snack options to keep inside your child’s backpack for the next time hunger strikes.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are a quick fix to curb your hunger.  Filled with Delicious flavors such as chocolate chip, brownie, and macadamia nut, you can try as many as you want until you find your favorite.  Keep a few in your backpack when you’re on the go. 

Veggie Chips

If you usually reach for chips or crackers, replace your snack with veggie chips!  Veggie chips are a healthier alternative than traditional chips, giving you a full serving of veggies while still enjoying a crunchy snack.


Not only do nuts keep you full until your next meal, but they are also packed with fiber and heart healthy fatty acids, making the perfect snack that will keep you satisfied.  Almost as tasty as that candy bar with nuts you’d normally pick up, but a much healthier option.  

Dried fruit

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth and also stay healthy?  Freeze dried and dehydrated fruit are great options to have a healthy snack.  They are also an alternative to the traditional fresh fruit like bananas and apples that easily bruise in your backpack because these prepackaged snacks will last all day long. 

Trail Mix

You can make your own healthy version of a popular snack with dried fruits and nuts, and other pickups such as granola, and chocolate chips!



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