Should You go to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Facility?

If you are injured or sick, figuring out where you need to go is not something you want to have to worry with. When you understand the options that are available, it will help you determine when you need immediate care.

Emergency Room, Urgent Care and Doctor

Your general physician is the best place to start if you are hurt or sick. They will know your medical history, which includes any type of underlying issue that you may have. This means when you visit them for care, they will be able to make informed decisions regarding any needed tests or treatment. Most primary care doctors also offer weekend and evening hours to help and accommodate those who have a busy schedule.

But what happens if you are injured or become sick when your doctor’s office is closed?

If you have a condition that is life-threatening and needs immediate attention, then visiting an urgent care facility may be the right decision for you.

An urgent care center is typically open after the normal business hours, which includes the weekends and evenings. There are a number that also offer diagnostic tests on-site and in many situations you will be able to save money and time by visiting urgent care rather than the emergency room. The majority of urgent care centers also accept insurance, which is another benefit.

If you are suffering from some type of life threatening condition, then going to an emergency room will be necessary. They offer the widest array of services and will be able to ensure your condition is taken care of with the proper treatment; however, this is also the most expensive option, which is why it should be reserved for actual emergencies, rather than times you just do not feel well.


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