Frostbite & Hypothermia Prevention

This winter has not been very kind, and the month of February has been no exception. Temperatures have reached dangerously low extremes, causing fear of frostbite and hypothermia for anyone stepping outside.

Frostbite and hypothermia can occur when temperatures reach frigid extremes, causing your internal body temperatures to drop. Symptoms of hypothermia include violent shaking, confusion, exhaustion and poor muscle control. Frostbite is most common on external extremities such as your ears, toes, nose and fingers. Symptoms of frostbite can include grayish-yellow or white skin, a hard, waxy feel to the area, and the area is cold to the touch.

Here are some frostbite and hypothermia prevention tips:

  • Stay indoors for as long as necessary with your heat turned on.
  • If you must go outside, be sure to wear many layers. Two pairs of gloves and socks, hats, mittens and a warm jacket are essential in keeping your body temperature warm.
  • Stay informed about the temperature outside. Don’t assume a light jacket will be okay if you are only going outside for a few minutes. Frostbite can occur within minutes, making it very important for you to be bundled up at all times.

AFC Bridgeport is available 7 days a week to treat/inform you on any frostbite and hypothermia symptoms. You can visit our center at 161 Boston Avenue or call us at 203-333-4400.


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