Flu Shot Season Preparation For 2021

The Flu Season is no longer a stranger to most people as various preparations are being made to cope with this season. During the thick of the pandemic last year, there was reportedly a vast drop in the rate of flu-related cases. This was primarily because movements were restricted, exposure to triggers was significantly reduced, and the constant and consistent washing of hands and wearing of masks were in place. However, experts have warned that there is likely going to be a surge in flu cases this season. 

Even though COVID-19 continues to provide significant barriers for communities, flu season could compound healthcare access and patient safety issues.

Can You Contract Both The Flu And The Virus?

Some people believe that you can only have either the flu or the COVID 19 virus. This could not be further from the truth. Both the flu and the virus indeed affect respiratory systems in general, but they are two different diseases. One significant difference they have is their means of transmission. Either way, you might need to go through covid-testing at an urgent care center to find out what is wrong if anything happens.

What Can You Do To Be Prepared?

Observe COVID 19 protocols, maintain physical distancing, wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, wear a mask when in public, take part in rapid covid tests and visit an urgent care center when you sense the slightest of symptoms.

Get a flu shot. These shots should be rolling out early this season. One of the most secure ways to ensure you are free from the flu is to get a flu shot as soon as possible. This applies to everyone, including those who have already come down with the flu. The first step to recovery is getting the flu shot.

When Should You Get The Flu Shot?

Pharmacies are getting stocked up on flu vaccines and COVID vaccines. This is good, but does it mean it is time to get your flu shots? The CDC has advised waiting till September and October before the shots are taken, especially for older folks. This advice is given to increase the effects of the shots on the body well into the following year. 

As of this year, those over 65 who receive the high-dose flu vaccine will be immunized against four strains instead of three. These new flu vaccines increase their chances of beating the flu radically. 

Learn where to get a flu shot and the best options for vaccination. 

Taking care of yourself this season is non-negotiable; that includes getting the shots and getting vaccinated. Patients can always get quick and accessible flu shots at a local urgent care center.


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