Flu Shot Season Preparation for 2020

The flu comes around each year and affects hundreds of thousands of Americans. The flu may not seem serious, but it leads to a high number of hospitalizations and death each year. Taking the flu seriously and protecting yourself is as easy as getting a flu shot. A flu shot is over 80% effective at preventing the flu, but did you know that protecting yourself in 2020 is more important than ever before? 

Why the Flu Shot is so Important 

2020 has been focused on COVID-19 and learning how to slow the spread. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine available to the public at this time. Hospitals and medical staff are overwhelmed in states that are facing a high number of COVID-19 cases. As flu season quickly approaches, many experts warn that the healthcare system will not be able to handle a major flu spike in the middle of this pandemic. Getting your flu shot reduces your risk of contracting or spreading the flu by over 80%. A flu shot not only protects you but ensures you won’t be adding to the already overwhelming health crisis. 

When to Get Vaccinated 

Flu shots typically become available during September. The best time to get vaccinated is as soon as the vaccine becomes available so that you’re protected before peak flu season arrives. Peak flu season is a time when the flu spreads rapidly across communities, leading to the hospitalizations and deaths discussed above. The exact timing of peak flu season varies each year, so waiting to get vaccinated may mean you get vaccinated too late! 

Where to Get Your Flu Shot 

You can get your flu shot at a variety of locations, but it’s important to find somewhere that will be quick, reliable, and as safe as possible as COVID-19 continues to spread. Urgent care centers are the best choice for a conveniently located and quick flu shot. Your flu shot at an urgent care center will be covered by most major insurance companies, so there’s really no reason not to get one! Urgent care centers also offer extended hours that a traditional doctors office can’t offer, so you can get vaccinated without taking time away from your busy schedule. 

Contact your local urgent care center today to learn when they’ll have flu shots available and get the latest information on COVID-19 in your community! Additionally, AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport offers COVID-19 testing for patients as well as telemedicine visits.


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