Flu Prevention Tips!

AFC Urgent Care North Andover has Flu Shots available! No appointments needed, just walk-in and get your Flu Shot at your convenience 7 days a week.  Flu Shots are covered by most insurances, and only $20 for self-pay patients.

Some common Flu Symptoms can include:

  • fever *( often but not always)
  • body aches
  • headache
  • chills
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • runny or stuffy nose
  • fatigue
  • sometimes diarrhea and vomiting

The Flu can sometimes be deadly. To avoid the spread of the flu, people should stay home if sick and stay away from sick people with flu like symptoms.  The flu virus can be spread to others up to about 6 feet away mainly spreading when people with flu sneeze, cough or talk .  A person may also be susceptible to the flu by touching an object or surface that has the flu virus on it and then going and touching their own nose or mouth.  It is important to wash hands with soap and water throughout the day as often as needed.  The use of an alcohol-based hand rub can be a substitute if soap and water are not available.  Surfaces at home, school and work that are frequently touched should be disinfected and cleaned, most importantly if someone is ill.



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