The Five Top Reasons for Visiting an Urgent Care Clinic

Usually when people think of getting emergency care, they automatically think of the emergency room at the nearest hospital. While this seems to be the ideal scenario in the minds of many people, this is not, in practical terms, the optimal option in many cases. In fact, there are five key reasons why you should consider visiting an urgent care facility instead of your neighborhood hospital. Keep in mind that the phrase “neighborhood hospital” is a loose term. It can actually mean a hospital is located quite a distance from you. Distance is, after all, one of the factors people consider when opting for an urgent care clinic instead of the emergency room at a hospital. Here are the top five reasons for visiting an urgent care clinic instead of a hospital emergency room.

The Hospital Is Simply Too Far

While most American cities have a lot of hospitals, many American cities actually have a large suburb. A typical metropolitan area actually has a lot of unincorporated areas that can stretch for several miles outward. It may seem that you have a great hospital in your city, but if you look at your location in the area where your hospital is located, the distance might be too far and too inconvenient.

You Condition Is Not Heavy Enough For ER

Usually when you’re going to the emergency room, we’re talking about really serious medical conditions-gunshot wounds, heart attacks, and catastrophic flair-ups. These are the kinds of medical issues that people rush to an emergency room for. However, if you’re feeling a slight discomfort or a nasty case of the migraines, you probably wouldn’t want to deal with the long lines typical in an emergency room. In such a case, you probably would want to go to an urgent care clinic so you can get your condition stabilized long enough for you to finally get to the attention of a specialist or your primary care physician.

You Need Faster Processing

Make no mistake about it, going to a hospital can involve lining up. This might blow many people’s minds because they think that once they go to an emergency room in a hospital they get top priority. This is not always true. Depending on your condition, you might be put in line. The question then becomes, the condition really isn’t serious enough for the emergency room of our local hospital, and maybe it’s the kind of condition that you should just take to an urgent care clinic. Not only do you get faster processing, there are usually no lines involved. This way, you can get your condition stabilized very quickly and you can be on your way. Compare this with long wait lines ate typical hospital emergency room.

You’re looking to Save Money

Depending on your particular condition, depending on the particular context of your visit to an urgent care clinic, you might be able to save quite a bit of money visiting an urgent care facility instead of a hospital emergency room. Of course, this is valid in a case-to-case basis. This is by no means an across the board rule.

Your Payment Options are More Flexible

You’re looking for more flexible payment options. In certain cases, going to an urgent care clinic might give you a more financial flexibility than going into the typical hospital’s emergency room. This is just a fact of life when it comes to certain insurance cases. Make sure that you call ahead so you can see which kinds of payment options that a particular urgent care facility accepts.


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