Don’t let holiday allergies get to you!

AFC Urgent Care Paramus would like to wish you all happy holidays! Holidays should be sent with families & loved ones, but this can be difficult if you are continually sneezing & wheezing around them! If you suffer from year-round allergies or seasonal allergies, then you understand what its like to start getting allergies when everyone’s summer allergies are going away. Luckily AFC Urgent Care Paramus is here with some tips to help you this holiday season!

Think ahead

If you experience allergies at the beginning of December, then you should be taking your allergy medication around now. Taking your allergy medicine about two weeks before your symptoms start showing up will prep your body for what’s to come. There is no telling if you will not experience any symptoms, but if you still show signs at least they will not be as intense! If you are already experiencing symptoms of allergies, it is not too late for you to combat them with your medication. Unfortunately, you will not be able to stay ahead of them for this season!


Most of the allergies are caused because of dust. A common form of allergy is when the bees are pollinating the flowers. However, this isn’t the only type of pollen. Ragweed is another type of dust that is found in trees, bushes, & outdoors in general. This type of dust is around all year & can sometimes be the reason for year-round allergies. A good way to ditch ragweed is to keep it outside. You can do this by leaving your shoes at the door instead of bringing them inside. If you have any pets, you should wipe them down before they enter the house, so they don’t have to be any ragweed into the house & spread it all over the furniture. An excellent way to dodge ragweed when working outside is too wear a mask when doing chores. If you are raking leaves out or shoveling snow, blocking your mouth & nose will help save you from exposure.

Don’t let mold build up

If you find yourself sneezing a lot in your house, then you may have some mold buildup. Exposure to mold in the house for a long period can lead to health complications. Mold can build up in your house anywhere that is damp & warm. Some places you should check for mold are:

  • Kitchen sink
  • bathroom
  • basement water tanks

We hope these tips will help you beat allergies this season!


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