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Don’t Forget Your Child’s Back To School Physical: Bring Your Forms!

Is your little munchkin excited to go back to school in-person? Don’t forget your child’s back to school physical!

They might have been able to skip going to the doctor’s office last year when going to school virtually. But this year, going back to school means going back to the same potential health risks we’ve had in previous years. Treat this physical like 2019-2020- pre COVID-19. We can’t forget about the unexpected colds, flu, injuries and school sports.

Since kids will be kids, we are predicting that the risk for spreading germs will go up this school year. So bring your forms! AFC Urgent Care Marlborough is here to help with back to school physicals
A full back to school physical can help build your child’s medical history
Building a medical history means that you’re in the system. When being seen for a check up or for something urgent, your file will have everything related to your past history. This is why it’s called an annual physical for a reason.

This is really important for children and adolescents. Their growth and development can be monitored and tracked by a medical professional for things like weight, cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, or any other health condition. If your child needs medical attention, all of this information will be on file for a doctor to perform prompt treatment.

And let’s not forget about immunizations. This is also important for your child’s medical history.
Expect to renew immunizations for the new school year
Is your child up to date on their vaccinations? Schools require a prerequisite of vaccinations before your child can attend. All 50 states and DC require vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis; polio; measles and rubella.

Why is it important to renew immunizations? We all have a different vaccine schedule to follow that helps build our immune systems to fight off against diseases that can pose a potential harm to our health. But, it’s not just about us. It’s about everyone else and making sure our little tater tots are not spreading their germs to others who are at a higher risk of getting sick.

Lastly, immunizations are not just for our little ones. Immunizations are also required for incoming college students. Make sure you check with the particular school he/she is attending to find out their immunization requirements as they often differ slightly.

Here is a list of the most common vaccinations required by most colleges and universities:

● Meningitis
● Hepatitis B
● Influenza
● Tetanus
● Diphtheria
● Pertussis

And just so you know, most of the colleges and universities in Massachusetts are requiring students to get the COVID-19 vaccine when returning this fall, especially now that we’re seeing an uptick in the Delta variant.
If you’re planning on going abroad for school, here is the state by state list to check if your school requires it.
AFC Urgent Care Marlborough can check you out!
Whether your child is planning on playing a fall sport, or if they missed last year’s check up, it’s time to come in for a physical! AFC Urgent Care Marlborough offers school and sports physicals on a walk-in basis. You can get both done in the same visit.

We can also help answer any questions you may have before coming in for a physical. Again, you can walk right in, with no appointment necessary, to our AFC Urgent Care located at 38 Boston Post Road West, Marlborough, MA.

We accept most insurances and we also offer a low cost self-pay option as well.



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