Do I Need a Flu Shot This Fall Even Though COVID-19 is a Bigger Risk?

Year after year you see information stressing the importance of getting your flu shot, yet many people fail to get vaccinated. Experts are warning people that getting your flu shot in 2020 is more important than ever before. COVID-19 has been the center of everyone’s attention this year, so why is something like the flu so concerning? Let’s take a closer look to understand how COVID-19 and your flu shot may be related. 

Why It’s Important to Get Your Flu Shot

Each year, American’s that opt out of their flu shot end up sick. While some of those people are able to recover at home, many others end up requiring professional care from an urgent care, hospital, or doctor’s office. With the flu vaccine being over 80% effective at preventing the flu, something as simple as that vaccine is enough to greatly lower your risk of being part of that statistic. Avoiding the flu is something that should always be important, but COVID-19 has made it more important than ever. 

COVID-19 has stretched the American healthcare system to it’s limit. With hospitals overflowing and staff struggling to keep up with COVID-19 cases, another surge of patients needing care because they have the flu could be detrimental. Hospitals aren’t equipped to care for a COVID-19 pandemic and a flu epidemic at the same time. By getting your flu shot, you’re taking as much personal responsibility as possible to ensure you aren’t adding to that problem. 

When to Get Your Flu Shot

The best time to get your flu shot is before the peak of flu season. This is because the peak of flu season changes each year, so there’s no way to know exactly when it’s coming. Flu shots typically become available in early September, and patients are urged to get them as soon as they’re available in their area. The earlier you get vaccinated, the less time you’re left vulnerable to the flu and the impending peak of flu season. 

Where to Get Your Flu Shot

With more people working from home, office vaccination clinics are likely not going to be available this year. Instead, you can visit a local urgent care center or walk-in clinic to get your vaccine. The flu vaccine is covered by most major insurance companies and comes with little to no side effects. 

To find out more about when your local urgent care will have flu vaccines available, give them a call today! 


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