Do I need a flu shot this fall? Even though COVID-19 is a bigger risk?

Flu season is close and COVID-19 is still on the rise. Due to the severity of the Coronavirus, most people are debating whether there is a need to take flu shots. In reality, people die from Influenza just as people die from COVID-19 infections. So, it seems safer to get protection from both of them rather than just one. All you need is one trip to an urgent care center for your shots.

Are you still skeptical about getting a flu shot this fall? Here are a few reasons to get one from an urgent care centre as soon as possible:

Why you should get a flu shot this fall

  • You can get both COVID-19 and Influenza vaccines

Although studies are still ongoing about whether you can take both vaccines at the same time, you don’t have to choose one. You can take the COVID vaccine and a flu shot thereafter.

  • There is a different shot each year

If you got the previous flu shot, then you should get another this season. This is because each year’s flu shot is tailored to the strain of flu that spreads. So, last year’s vaccine is not enough to keep you safe this fall.

  • To protect others around you

People who have been vaccinated are unlikely to spread the flu to others. So, if you get yours, you will be protecting children or others who haven’t gotten their shot.

  • It lessens the risk of respiratory complications

People with respiratory diseases often have severe challenges when they become infected with the flu. This is because their immune systems are already weak and the infection would cause more damage. So, getting a vaccine can reduce the risk of worsening other health conditions.

  • To minimize flu associated hospitalization

Past studies by the CDC shows that patients admitted for Influenza were less when more people got vaccines. Flu shots have proven to be effective at maintaining health.

People who should get flu vaccines

There are different flu shots for people of different categories. For instance, people over 18 get recombinant vaccines while people over 65 get inactivated vaccines.

Not everyone can get a flu shot. There are categories of people who should and should not get flu shots. Generally, everyone above 6 months can get a flu shot. However, children who are below 6 months or people who suffer allergies from the shots should not be vaccinated. Here are other guidelines for who should or should not get a flu shot. 

It’s not safe to wait till the peak of flu season before getting vaccinated. If you get it as soon as you can, you stand a better chance of protecting yourself and people around you.

If you need to get a COVID test or a flu shot, please speak to Healthcare providers around you. You can also visit a nearby urgent care center.


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